This theme proved popular with our members and some excellent photos were submitted where diagonal lines were used creatively to add to composition and lead the eye to a point in the image. Local scenes provided the subject for several shots with the railway, overhead power lines and locations within the New Forest being included, as well as some faraway places and unusual scenarios!

This theme was probably a useful learning exercise for most of us as the use of diagonal lines in a photograph can vastly improve the finished product. Thank you for contributing your images and well done everyone!


Vapour Trail
Azure Blue Damsel
by Alan

Rail lines
by Frances

Power lines
Zig-zag Stream
by Frank

Sculpture of Admiral Farragut, New Hampshire.
Vancouver Winter Olympic
Flame 2010
by Gill

Sunlight in New Forest
by Ian

Old bridge at Bickton Mills
Fields of Barley at Hordle
by Jan

Between two bridges
by Vern