Rhyming Food

It's often surprising where the inspriation for a poem or story comes from. This time it was a bit of fun at a family meal that spawned the idea of animals that only eat food that rhyme with their names.

So far this is a collection of animal/food rhyming pairs with different like/eat verbs.

At some point I will call a halt to the amassing of these couples and arrange them into some semblance of a poem.

The verbs are going to need reallocating - at the moment they have been somewhat randomly placed.

Stoats and goats gobble oats

Lambs love jams

Leeches scoff peaches

Pigs eat figs

Puffins devour muffins

Apes delight in grapes

Sparrows nibble marrows

Bees eat cheese

Fleas adore peas

Parrots munch carrots

Flies eat pies

Snakes eat cakes

Mice could polish off a plate of rice

Horses eat multiple courses

No doubt a trout will consume a sprout

A bream would eat it with cream

The plaice with a dash of mace

The bustard is known to love custard and mustard

The slow sloth savours broth

The puma's been known to consume a satsuma

Hares eat pears