Particularly triplicate

In flavours strange

God favours change.


Up – Down

Top – Bottom

Essential truth

Part forgotten.


Charms spins round

Expands to make

The universe –

A quark of fate.

Hole Hearted Love

Trip over my

Event horizon

Leave the skies and

Fall for me.


In time to come

We will be one

A singularity.

God’s Holiday

Off to infinity

On the 8:49

To outside the universe

Where the stars don’t shine.


Suitcase in hand

With nothing much planned


Time to do what he pleases.


He unpacks his valise

With a hint of unease

For he’s never vacationed before.



It’s not where he is,

Nor what he will do,

It’s the thought of mankind

His return

What he’ll find.

Should they really be left on their own?